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Prior to starting any medication, consult your physician. This is educational information only if you have a question please contact our DermaBare Aesthetics & Laser Center Orange County location at (949) 545-6600.

1.  Apply a “pea-sized” amount of medication to your index finger.

2.  Gently apply ¼ of the cream or gel to each quadrant of your face.

3.  Wait 20-30 minutes after gently cleansing your face at night before applying the Retin-A. 

4.  Begin by applying the Retin-A every other night.  After two weeks, if there is no redness or       irritation, increase application to every night.

5.  If you apply the medication too soon after washing your face or you apply too much medication,   you will increase the amount of redness and irritation without increasing the benefit.

6.  In the summertime if your doctor recommends continuation of the Retin-A, apply a non-oily sunscreen every morning before your other topicals.  Some good sunscreens include:

  PreSun Active Gel 30

  Shade Gel 15 or 30

  Solbar PF Liquid 15

  Solbar PF Gel 30

 7.  Wash your face gently with Purpose soap.  AVOID washcloths, facial scrubs, astringents and any other over the counter products (Buff-Puff) that dry or irritate the skin making it more difficult use the Retin-A.

8.  For dryness, use Cetaphil or Aquanil lotion in the morning as a soap substitute.  These lotions  may be gently rinsed or wiped off.  Alternatively, these lotions may be left on the skin without increasing the risk of worsening the acne.

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