Chemical Peels


Chemical peels are performed by the Medi-Estheticians at LifeSpa and are often a recommended for patients who are not a good candidate for our laser skin treatments. LifeSpa offers a wide range of peels incorporating the use of various acids (TCA, Glycolic) as well as hydroquinone (skin “bleaching” agent). Down-time with chemical peels is dependent upon the type and number of layers applied but typically will range from 3-4 days for glycolic, 7-10 days for TCA.  During this time, the patient will experience a dry, tight sensation followed by a visible peeling that starts centrally around the mouth and nasal areas and moves outward.  No post-procedure pain is associated with chemical peels, but patients may complain of an “itchy” sensation. Call our center to schedule a complimentary consultation to find what chemical peel or laser treatment is right for you, 949-545-6600.

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