According to Dr. Jackie Levin, Dermatologist, the demand for topical products capable of preventing aging or delivering cosmetic improvement to the male skin is growing. Companies are marketing products that are labeled “for men.” Nevertheless, there is no consensus on which properties these products should possess.

Cosmeceutical ingredients capable of reversing sun-induced alteration are of particular benefit for men. Adapting cosmetic treatment to male grooming routines increases compliance. Shaving presents an opportunity to deliver cosmeceuticals for men. Skin care products for men is evolving and becoming seemingly complex.

Here are five basic tips for men’s skin care:


While it may seem like the only difference between skin care products for women and skin care for men is that one smells like flowers and the other smells like “manly scents,” taking care of the male face is much more complicated than you’d think. However, that doesn’t mean men can’t have skin that’s healthy and great looking for years to come. Here are five tips on men’s skin care.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Is Important for Men Too
Men get wrinkles just like women do! And while it’s more acceptable for a man’s face to look “rugged” or “aged,” that doesn’t mean that we should all just accept the signs of aging on our skin. Both men and women can benefit from a good anti-aging or anti-wrinkle skin care regimen.

Men’s Skin Care Products Should Be Different
Men shouldn’t rely solely on the skin care products that women do. Why is this? Because while exfoliation is important for women, it’s especially important for men, as facial hair can increase the number of dead cells on the skin’s surface. Also, because men often experience irritation from razor burn, their skin care products should actively work to reduce and soothe skin irritation.

Men’s Skin Care and Exercise
Men tend to work out more and play more sports, so they tend to wash their faces more often as a result. For this reason, men’s skin care products should be relatively gentle to help prevent irritation from frequent washing. If you work out during the middle of the day, try using Clarifying Toner on your face instead of a cleanser. It will remove any surface dirt and help prevent clogged pores without drying out your skin. Washing your face more than twice a day can dehydrate it and increase ingrown hairs. It’s important to care for your skin after a workout, but you don’t want to overdo it.

Sun Damage Hurts Men’s Skin Too
Nothing does more damage to skin’s health and appearance than the sun. Since men are just as susceptible, sun protection is an important part of any men’s skin care regimen. Even if you aren’t outside most of the day, activities like driving add up to more exposure than you’d think. And if you do spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re clocking even more hours in the sun. So make sure that you wear sunblock or sunscreen daily!

Everybody Needs to Moisturize, Even Men 
What’s the second most damaging thing for your skin? Lack of hydration! In addition to drinking lots of water (and no, beer does not count), use a gentle, soothing moisturizer that’s formulated for men’s skin daily. Not only will it make your skin feel softer in the short term, it will help keep it looking healthy and youthful in the long run.

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