Does Laser Hair Removal Mean I'll Never Have to Shave Again?

Does Laser Hair Removal Mean I'll Never Have to Shave Again?

The hair removal business makes billions every year. It’s the perfect money-making scheme; after all, hair keeps growing back, meaning you have to keep buying razors, blades, and creams. Alternatives have traditionally been waxing or depilatory creams, but now laser hair removal is becoming more accessible and affordable.

At DERMABARE, a med spa located in Laguna Niguel, California, Ramin Tayani, MD and his team provide laser hair removal so you can stop shaving and get those potentially wasted hours of your life back.

Downsides of shaving every day

Shaving just isn’t an efficient way to deal with unwanted body hair, for several reasons. First, as mentioned, it’s far from permanent. Many women feel like they have to shave daily to keep that silky smooth feel.

However, frequent shaving can lead to skin irritation, razor bumps, and even allergic reactions to the soap or cream used to shave with. Itchy red bumps, skin rashes, razor burn, and cuts are all common side effects of razor dependency when it comes to hair removal. 

Then there’s the aforementioned expense. Sure, you can pick up a pack of twenty cheap disposable razors at the supermarket, but those razors are poorly made and can result in less than stellar results. You could opt for one of the more expensive systems, but then you’ll just keep trying to use the same blade over and over when it’s dull because new ones cost so much.

You can always go with an electric razor, but you have to keep it charged, keep it clean, and replace it as well when it conks out — hopefully not the evening before a big date. So, what are your options when it comes to ditching your razor?

Welcome to the magical world of laser hair removal

It’s time to reject the razor and move into the modern era with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal works by gently disabling the hair follicle at a crucial point in the hair growth cycle. Instead of merely clipping off the hair shaft at the surface of the skin, the laser energy penetrates into the follicle and does just enough damage that the follicle can’t grow a new hair.

You’ll typically have to have a series of treatments to hit all of your hairs at the right point in their growth cycle, so all of your treated body hair stops growing in. Then, you’ll just need regular maintenance treatments as follicles slowly heal themselves and try to restart hair growth. For many people, repeated treatments eventually permanently disable the follicles, and you can forget about hair removal for good.

At DERMABARE, we use the Lumenis® Splendor X system, which combines two types of laser energy to gently and effectively treat each desired area to prevent future hair growth. By adding laser hair removal to your beauty routine, you could very well never have to shave again!

Trying to decide if laser hair removal is the right choice for you? Talk to the specialists at DERMABARE during a personalized consultation. You can get in touch by calling 949-545-6600, or request an appointment online.

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