3 Reasons Your Razor Isn't Cutting it Anymore

3 Reasons Your Razor Isn't Cutting it Anymore

Unwanted body hair can feel like a never-ending source of irritation. Waxing can be painful and embarrassing, while chemical depilatories can lead to burns and discomfort. It’s no wonder that people have continued using razors for hair removal; they feel like there’s no better option. However, laser hair removal might provide the results that you’ve been missing while shaving. 

At DERMABARE, a med spa located in Laguna Niguel, California, Ramin Tayani, MD and his team provide laser hair removal to free you from the restrictions of your razor.

Where razors fall flat 

There are three major downsides to shaving. If you only shave once in a while, these might not feel like a big deal. However, those looking for long-lasting hair removal might feel frustrated by these limitations. 

1. Most razors are poorly made

Most people shave using mass-produced, disposable razors, which don’t have a great track record. Most disposable blades are only held in place using a bit of plastic, and they might not be as stable as you hoped. Combine it with a too-flexible, thin blade, and you’ve got a poor shave. 

2. Razors only remove the top of the hair 

Razors remove the top of the hair, which leaves your skin smooth and silky… for a very short period of time. The prickly regrowth can occur within a few days or even just a few hours, depending on how fast your body hair grows.  

3. Razors can cause injuries and itchiness

If you’ve ever been in a hurry and made a shaving mistake, you might have paid for it in blood. It requires time and attention to shave correctly, and even the smallest slip-up can lead to a cut or scrape. Even if you do everything right, you might end up feeling sore and itchy after shaving. And bumpy red rashes can ruin the look of your fresh shave, leading you to wonder why you bothered in the first place. 

Where laser hair removal picks up the slack

Sick of buying razors, wasting time in the shower, or shaving in general? You don’t have to resort to waxing and chemicals to get your way; laser hair removal is more effective and accessible than ever. 

The team at DERMABARE uses the Lumenis® Splendor X system, which combines two types of laser energy. This disables the hair follicle and prevents future regrowth, which keeps your skin smooth and hairless for long periods of time.

Don’t know if laser hair removal is the right choice for you? Talk to the specialists at DERMABARE to learn more and get a personalized consultation. You can get in touch by calling 949-545-6600, or request an appointment online.

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